• Jeremy Simonson

Julia Buffalohead & Nathanael Flink, Nemeth Art Center, May 3 - July 14

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Julie Buffalohead's art is well known in our region from recent high profile exhibits at the Walker in Minneapolis and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo.

Minneapolis based writer and art critic Mason Riddle says this about Buffalohead's Nemeth Art Center Exhibit; "In the last year or so, Julie Buffalohead has realigned her finely honed craft of storytelling by exchanging personal tales of motherhood and domesticity for narratives that convey a more public and political stance. Still deploying her cast of animal and the occasional human characters, she draws on her indigenous Ponca heritage to address such public events as evidenced in You are on Indian Land. Here, with a visually lyrical but excoriating response, she interprets the 2016 protests and often violent events that surrounded the Dakota Access Pipeline's impending construction near North Dakota’s Standing Rock Indian Reservation."

Julie Buffalohead's husband Nathanael Flink was a winner of the Knight Foundation's Challenge Grant in 2016. Flink's abstract paintings and sculptures that focus on metaphors evoking nature, erosion, domesticity and consumerism have found a happy home in the NAC's grand gallery. Writer Mason Riddle has this to say about Flink's new work; With his collaged and often effusive paintings, Fink is intentionally forcing a dialogue with the accepted norms defining contemporary painting as well as with the velocity of the contemporary world. His sculptures, constructed from scavenged materials including fabric, wood, and painted foam, and have been made in situ, and obliquely suggest types of furniture or objects such as platforms, totems or coffins; yet they immediately deny such categorizations with their ill-proportions and lack of specificity. For Fink, these visually disorderly works expose one’s interior self from an exterior vantage point.

For more information on the June 23rd reception, contact: info@nemethartcenter.org. The Nemeth Art Center is located at 301 Court Ave Park Rapids, Minnesota in the upstairs of the Historic Hubbard County Courthouse and the gallery hours are Noon to 6 pm, Thursdays - Saturdays.

Photography by Jeremy Simonson with Lean 2 Studio, Volunteer Board Member and in house photographer for the Nemeth Art Center in Park Rapids, MN.

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