Spring Tamaracks behind Fog

Tamarck Woodland

Branches Painting on the River

Frist Day of Spring in Minnesota

When photographing Spring in Minnesota one must be open to the elements. We don't have too many sunny days, so we must adapt and document what we see. The key to having a good photo shoot in spring is being flexible. One day it might be 70 and sunny with melting snow everywhere, or you may find yourself in the middle of a FREEZE. With this series of images, I found myself in the later, a cold and foggy FREEZE, but it sure does make for some moody images.

The key is to be open and ready to change your plans from day-to-day. It’s these weather changes and seasons that make it so much more fun to live in Minnesota.

"When life give you lemons make lemonade!" I get jealous when I see my friends from the south posting images of beautiful sunsets, cherry blossoms and lilacs in full bloom. In central Minnesota, we still had snow on the ground, but this first day of spring fog event made for some beautiful images. The atmosphere and mystery that a good dose of fog creates is well worth the cold snow. It tells its own story.

Jeremy Simonson